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How to Apply Eye Makeup

If the eyes are the window to the soul, you'll want yours to look expressive and definitive. There are several different methods for applying eye makeup and you can alter your routine for a custom look that's just for you. We'll show you how.

Before you begin, make sure your eyebrows are properly shaped and groomed. They frame and accent your eyes so you'll want to keep them properly tweezed and trimmed with a natural arch to open up your face.

Applying Eye Shadow

Most eye shadow comes in multi-colored compacts for a reason. Use these colors strategically to enhance your features and draw out the true beauty of your eyes. Your shadow does not have to match your eyes or clothing but if you choose bolder colors, make sure you mix them with some neutral shades for an overall natural look.

1) Apply the lightest or next to lightest shade from the top of your lower lid to just underneath your eyebrow.  If you wish, you can apply it to the entire area, from lash line to eyebrows.

2) Apply the medium shade to your eyelid, extending just above the crease.

3) Apply the darkest shade of eye shadow from the center of your eyelid to the outer corners.

4) For extra highlighting, apply the lightest shade or a very light shade with some color just beneath your brow bone to the outer 2/3, and blending outwards.

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